Blood Oaks is a full-frontal, five-piece cow punk onslaught (heavy on the punk and light on the cow). We are one of those bands that plays a little too fast, turns up a little too loud, and dares people to like us. Playing together (in our current iteration) since 2010, Blood Oaks draws on multiple genres and styles to put together a biting, high-energy sound that is equal parts punk, roots music, and outlaw country. The live show is like a big-tent revival full of all the people not allowed back in the local dive bar since "the incident".


The Acolytes

Greg S.


AKA: "The Reverend" & "Reverend Rabies"

Founding member and defacto leader. Extended history of criminal "incidents". Often armed. Considered manipulative and dangerous. Do not approach.

Zach R

Lead Guitar & Vocals

AKA: "Doghouse"

Member since 2010. Minor charges throughout adolescence. Considered the most reasonable if approached while sober.

[given name unknown]


AKA: "The Sticks," "Backwoods" & "Hombre


Member since 2010. Origins unknown. Considered a dangerous "true believer."

Ian M.

Rhythmn Guitar & Vocals

AKA: "Brother Shakes" & "The Kid"

The newest convert. Exact date of conversion unknown. Young and excitable. Approach carefully.

Patrick F.

Bass Guitar & Vocals

AKA: "Otter"

Has been seen associating with members for years. Officially converted in 2016. Often armed.

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